News and a headache

So I’m going to be busy as hell during the month of November, actually for a total of 6 weeks most of that during november. A while back I asked for opinions on what I should post during that time, and didn’t get much in the way of useful replies. So now I have a plan. For those six weeks you will all be getting Defection, and no RA. Also since I just recently started on chapter 19 of Defection this means I will be posting three chapters a week (m/w/f) for those 6 weeks. Have fun with that.

In other news I’m doing the rewrite of the prologue, because the number of people who read chapter 1 only equal about 1/3rd of the number of people who read the prologue. So if anyone wants to give some critical feedback on the prologue it would be appreciated.

In a final bit of news and the headache portion of the title. I have one and it sucks, badly.



  1. Yay, brain pain! Glad to be getting some more defection – but do you want critique on the prolouge as it is or an apdated version of it?

  2. Where do you post Defection? I’ve seen you mention it a few times, but haven’t been able to find a link to the story.

    1. A while back I posted a docs link to the prologue and first chapter. Since deciding to make a thing of it I removed the link, so it can’t be found. When I do post it, it will just be here no extra searching necessary.

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