Thirty Eight

The sounds of bones breaking was the worst really. She had done this often enough that she was used to most of the sounds. But for some reason she couldn’t quite get over the sound of bones breaking. Well, she could, spend enough time around the training grounds and one would hear bones breaking. This was a different sound, it was the sound of a person breaking their own bones. Not on purpose, of course the bones were broken by the random muscle spasms inherent in the process.

She had spent some time contemplating if the spasms were necessary or if they were something she could fix in the process. The architecture was something that had been shown to her, not something she could have made on her own, even now. So she was hesitant to modify it beyond even the most basic of things. The other thing was the pain. Was it real?

Sure the subjects were screaming, but in the morning they wouldn’t remember. There would be no mark on their bodies, not memory of what they had to endure. So was the pain real? Was it worth fixing the muscle spasms, if by the end it was like it never happened. It wasn’t like they would thank her, they wouldn’t even know.

She didn’t like the sound of bones breaking. She turned up the music trying to drown it out. It helped with the screams of the six girls, but she could still hear the bones breaking.

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  1. Sort chapter I know, I don’t care, it’s suppose to be this way. Anyways this is a thing that happens in story. As usual please throw me a vote, it takes seconds of your time and really help me out.

    Also I need opinions. I am not going to be able to write or post during the month of november. Ok I might be able to write, but I don’t know about posting. So I have options, I could try to build up a big enough backlog and hope it gets long enough, but this might stress me the hell out (It will definitely stress me the hell out). I can post chapters of an unrelated side project called Defection, it’s already long enough, and some of you might have already seen the start. Or I can just not post that month (something that will also stress me out, but for different reasons.) What do you guys want/think?

    Edit because I just finished a chapter and am a little bored: There is now a superhero in Defection who is named Koi, and dresses like a goldfish. That is all.

  2. Perosnally, I would LOVE to read more of defection. Really like reading about techies, whether hero or villian. Not sure if you have seen/read the below book, but it seems to be similar in premise and has really, really taken off on amazon:

    Really though, I’m sure we would all prefer you diddn’t write for the month rather than pushing yourself, getting shitty and then stopping altogether.

    1. Seen it? That book is awesome. I second all recomendations for it (and don’t worry about the big pic). I do worry about the simmilar premise but Defection goes in a very different direction.

      I just hit 12 chapters with Defection so the six weeks I will be otherwise occupied (there are penguins in my future) are covered. The question now is do I just post Defection, or do I post 1/2 Defection 1/2 RA. Because I really don’t want to go so long without posting.

  3. I certainly wouldn’t say i was worried at all, Prysim is definatley a more developed villain, even if she dosen’t fit the ‘common’ mad scientist mold. What to post is up to you I’m afriad, oh the woes of being in charge! I’m sure we’d all be happy with either.

    Also watch out for penguins – don’t trust their beady little eyes.

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