Thirty Seven

Shelby did take Lisbeth suggestion and wore only a sports bra and shorts. Seth said something rude that she couldn’t make out, Lisbeth however, could and smacked him for it. Seth lead them to the buss stop were Shelby learned something rather surprising about Lisbeth.

“You’ve never been on a bus before?”

“Of course I’ve been on a bus, just not a public one.”

“How did you get to school?”

“I was home schooled until I was fourteen, then I was making enough to hire a driver.”

“You really weren’t kidding the other night when you said you had money.”

“Not in the slightest, although I would appreciate you not sharing that around.”

“How much do you make?”

“Enough that the number doesn’t actually matter much.”


“Anything else about me you want to know?”

“How did you turn two Sylphs into your personal errand boys?”

“They love me.”

No, we don’t, we rather despise you. This is all a plot to find your weaknesses and destroy you.”

“See, totally smitten with me.”

“One of you might be delusional, and I’m not sure which.”

The house was two stories and painted white. While it wasn’t too far from campus it was in a nicer family neighborhood, not the kind of place one would expect a bunch of college students to hand out. Seth explained why it was even in the right price range for college students, besides the ones like Lisbeth. 

“The owner lives next door and is a perv, he rents it cheep to pretty girls.”

They were greeted by a perky blond who quickly dragged the three of them into the living room. There were maybe 15 girls on the sofas and four guys, one of whom was sitting on one of the others lap.

Seth did a quick round of introductions. Or in other words he introduced Shelby and Lisbeth and skipped everyone else in the room. Well, not everyone else, he didn’t skip Katie, after all Katie was the redhead they had brought Shelby to meet. Katie was gorgeous, like most gymnasts she didn’t have much in the way of curves, but she was taller than most gymnasts. Calling her a red head was an accurate description, she had long curly burning red hair. The color seemed like it could be natural, but the curls seemed unlikely. Combine the hair with her pale skin and Katie’s heritage became easier to guess. Lisbeth licked her lips when she walked over. Unusually for her Katie payed no attention to Lisbeth, her eyes were all on Shelby.

Shelby started getting self-conscious again, she started blushing, and starring at her feet. Lisbeth felt a little bad about the sports bra, she probably shouldn’t have told Shelby to wear it. But only a little bad, watching her squirm was kind of endearing, Katie at least seemed to be enjoying it. Between Lisbeth, and Katie it fell to Seth, to come to Shelby’s rescue. To be fair, he might not have chosen the best method. He put a firm hand on Shelby’s back and pushed her out of the room, up the stairs and into an empty bedroom. Katie, who had followed, he then also unceremoniously pushed into the room, and closed the door behind them. Lisbeth, who had followed was struggling not to laugh.

“There is no way that was the best option.”

“Probably not, but it was the funny one. Besides, if Katie can’t convince her to make out in the next ten minutes, Shelby is straight. They just need some time alone.”

“I bow to your judgment oh experienced one.”

“Shush, you need to get your corrupting on. Door at the end of the hall.”

Seth walked back down to the living room and was greeted by a series of cheers, while Lisbeth walked into the room Seth had indicated. It was another bedroom, but this one wasn’t empty. Arrayed around the room were six girls, all varying levels of nervous and excited. Lisbeth always up for a little drama decided to play things up a little bit. She slammed the door shut, and then leaned against it. Taking her time to examine every one in the room individually. More importantly giving them time to examine her. She was satisfied after two minutes of silence.

“So I hear you girls want to be angels. Well, today is your lucky day. You can call me Gatekeeper.”

She held up a hand and snapped, simultaneously opening a gate to the castle.

“So, who’s first?”

Lisbeth returned to the house eight hours later, the party had mostly died by that point. There were two girls still talking on the sofa, but otherwise people were scattered around sleeping on different pieces of furniture. It was when Lisbeth found Seth behind a chair that she started looking for a marker, he needed a goatee. She didn’t find the marker, she did find Katie in the kitchen wearing a bathrobe and making a sandwich. Lisbeth once again considered trying to convince Nerissa to change he mind on the whole threesome thing. She even briefly considered some dream experiments, before shutting that line of though down. It would not do to do something like that to Nerissa. Ethics be damned, she couldn’t do that. Lisbeth sat up on the counter.

“So, how’s Shelby?”

“Sleeping, I think I tired her out.”

“Good for you, not what I asked.”

“She enjoyed herself immensely, and I don’t think it would be hard to convince her to come by again.”

Good I was worried.”

“Why did you push her like that?”

“What do you mean?”

“If I wasn’t the kind of person I am this evening could have ended very badly for her. She wasn’t here because she knew what she wanted, she was here because you pushed her.”

“You don’t like me much, do you?”

“I’ll withhold judgment, until I get an honest answer.”

“It was partially selfish, partially because I thought she would enjoy it. Most of it was because I wanted to. But do remember, we chose you because of the kind of person you are.”

“I don’t think I like you much, and I definitely don’t hold you in high regard. But since I want to stay in contact with Shelby I’ll keep quiet about that, because she likes you.”

“Fair enough.”

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  1. I think I might be slightly messed up. That’s two people that have taken a dislike to Lisbeth, and I don’t completely understand why. From my perspective, the only problem they have with her is that she doesn’t hide her motivations as much normal people.

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