Thirty Six

“Are we really doing this? Tonight?”



“Yes, really.”

“Are you sure about this?”

“Yes, I wouldn’t have promised to do it if I wasn’t certain.”

“But, tonight?”

“Look Shelby, if we don’t drag you out tonight we probably won’t be able to drag you out any night. So me an Seth here” Lisbeth indicated Seth, who was sitting on the sofa next to her “are going to take you to a party and get you laid.”

“What do you think of redheads?”


“Yeah, there is this girl on the squad who would totally be down with assisting in your college experimentation.”

“You’ve been scouting girls for me?”

ish, sorry, shouldn’t I have?” Seth gave the least apologetic shrug in the history of apologies.

“YES…. No, I mean damn it.”

“You know you’re kind of cute when you get flustered like that, want to get drinks some time?”

“Not really helpful Seth.”

“Not helping your plans maybe, but to be fair this one kind of terrible.”

“See we shouldn’t do this.”

“Damn it Seth, shut up. Shelby, go to your room and put something slutty on. You have twenty minutes.”


“GO” Lisbeth barked

Shelby gave a squeak and ran out of the room, Lisbeth and Seth watched her go.

“Twenty says she doesn’t come back.”

“I’m not taking that bet, but if she doesn’t come back we call this off.”

“Of course, Lisbeth.”

“This redhead, you sure she’s a good choice?”

“Absolutely, she loves the naive and innocent and would kill to protect them. Literally.”


“It was ruled self defense, but yeah, nothing will happen to Shelby that she doesn’t first give permission for. She will be safer than if she was with either of us.”

“Now there’s a depressing thought.”

“Well, there are going to be six girls there that are looking for some corrupting, By the way.”

“Do they pass?”

“Of course they do.”

“Wait, since when do we consider the ability to commit murder a positive personality trait?”

“It’s possible we’re kind of fucked up Lisbeth.”

Twenty five minutes later found Lisbeth outside of Shelby’s door knocking. There was no answer, She knocked again, still no answer.

Look, sorry if I pressured you Shelby, I’ll call the whole thing off. Just say something so I know you’re ok.”

“Come in.”

Lisbeth entered and found Shelby’s room to be a mess. Not the general mess of a college student’s dorm room, no this was too new of a mess. This was the mess that was created when someone tore up a room looking for something. In the center of it all was Shelby, breathing shallow rapid breaths. Aw crap. Lisbeth rushed forward and put her hands on either side of Shelby’s face, bringing her own very close.

“I’m going to need you to stop breathing.”


“Ok, that was a lie. I just needed to distract you enough to interrupt your breathing pattern. I’m glad that worked, option two would have gotten me in trouble.”

“What was option two?”

“Kiss you hard and vigorously.”

“Why is that option even on the table.”

“Because I’m a very sexual person, and I’ve recently discovered just how much I like kissing people in the real world.”

“You have to specify the real world?”

“I’m a dream walker, sex in the real world is practically a fetish for us.”

“That’s…. odd.”

“You should see the shit that goes down at our exclusive parties, not the one I’m going to take you to, the dream walker only ones.”

“That sounds like it could get interesting.”

“The only reason it isn’t like rule 34 of the internet is because there aren’t enough content creators.”

“That sounds horrifying.”

“Only with the wrong frame of mind.”

“What’s the right frame of mind for something like that?”

I am a god “Now there’s a secret that will cost you.”

Shelby suddenly became aware of just how close Lisbeth’s face was to her’s and blushed. It had worked, Shelby had been rather worked up over, well, everything, now she had been sufficiently distracted.

“Ok, I’m going to send Seth for ice-cream, then the two of us can stay up all night watching bad romance movies, or hyper violent B films with girls in chain mail bikinis. Your choice.”

“The B films, but no.”


“Yeah, we have a party to get to, and you have a promise to keep.”

“Are you sure, because I was planning on beating myself up all night about pressuring you.”

“You can still beat yourself up over it, but how often can I get set up by a dream walker?”

“Good point, but are you really sure about this?”

“No, but I want to.”

“OK, wear this.”

“That’s a sports bra.”

“Yes, it is.”

“I don’t want to be at a party in only a sports bra.”

“Did I call it a party? It’s more the cheer squad getting together at a house. We will be the only non cheerleaders there. The only reason I’m getting in is because Seth is bringing me.”

“Then how am I getting in?”

“Easy, Seth just asked if there was anyone who wanted to help a friend of his experiment. Instant invite.”

“He just asked that?”

“Him and his brother have something of a unique status on the squad.”

“But still.”

“Never underestimate what someone with his reputation can get away with.”

At that Seth stuck his head into the room, he looked a little sheepish.

“So do you have your ice-cream orders yet? I can also stop by a movie rental place on the way back if you have requests.”

“No Seth, we have a party to go to.”

“Awesome, in that case we need to stop at the movie place on the way over anyways. They asked me to pick up some hyper violent B films. Something about ambient noise.”

“Ok, now we leave in five minutes, are you going to be ready, or do I have to help you get dressed.”

“I can put my own clothes on without help.”

“Sure, you can honey.  I just thought you might enjoy it.”

Lisbeth evacuated the room as Shelby experienced a full body blush.

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