Interlude time again.

So I’ve finished writting this arc and before starting on the next one want to give some interludes. But I’m not really sure what to do them on, so it’s request time. Write in who you would like to see an interlude about and I’ll probably make it happen. I am currenlty writing the next info dump so that will go up before the next interludes. (No I won’t be doing a Bill interlude). Also if there is something not plot significant I can answer that for you.

If you could throw me a vote, that would be great.

In the life of the writter I’m in Thailand now, it’s kind of great. I did catch something (probably on the flights) that is kicking my ass, but I should shake it soonish. I’ll post some pictures of the beach or something if anyone wants them.

I hope you all contiune reading and enjoying Raising Angels, because certainly am enjoying writing it. Things are really starting to heat up too (and I don’t just mean Shelby’s sex life).


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