The Dark Eccentrics

Some of you may have noticed by now that I rather like putting links to the works of my friends. My newest friend is Adia Norine. Like many of my new friends Adia is a web fiction writer, that’s kind of how we met. By met of course I mean email, it’s not like we webserialists have a secret chat room… or something, because that would never happen. Anyways, enough about the cabal, Adia writes ‘The Dark Eccentrics’. Described by Adia here. 


The Dark Eccentrics is webfiction about Leila, a black goth who ventures into odd supernatural occurrences in the night. She surrounds herself with other goths, freaks, and others while living in a city.

The web fiction consists of supernatural, black comedy, slice/life, and adult themes. It is rated from T to MA accordingly. Please read with caution.


Adia doesn’t have a set update schedule yet and is still getting use to the format, but so was I once. Now I have like 20 readers or something (If you lovely readers could reply to my posts I might have a better estimation, just saying). Nevermind that click on this link for something to read. The Dark Eccentrics


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