Thirty One

Nerissa was waiting for Lisbeth when she got back, like she had promised. When Lisbeth had tried to leave that morning Nerissa had been demanding explanations about her books. Lisbeth had begged off, saying she had a car waiting. Now Lisbeth still didn’t quite know what to tell her, and was half tempted to just shove one of the books under her nose, until Nerissa got distracted for the rest of the night. That would probably be unethical anyway. Lisbeth instead decided to try and distract her in a more enjoyable fashion; for Lisbeth anyways, Nerissa would have enjoyed the books too.

Before leaving the castle Lisbeth had changed into a black backless shirt with an iridescent butterfly on the front. It was tight enough that when combined with a push up bra it gave the illusion of breasts. Combine that with her distinct lack of hips and Lisbeth silently cursed her inability to change her own body. To accentuate whatever hips she had, Lisbeth had gone with her tightest pair of black jeans. She remembered buying them from the children’s section of the store several years before, they were tight then too.

The common room was filled not only by Nerissa, but Krista, Amy, Shelby, and three others whose names Lisbeth didn’t quite remember. They had been among those who had requested a night without dreams the week before, so that meant something; nothing clear, but enough for Lisbeth to like them. They were all playing except for Shelby, some variation of Bullshit one of the girls who’s name Lisbeth didn’t remember was wining. An evening card game was apparently becoming something of a tradition. Nerissa practically and very obviously started undressing Lisbeth with her eyes. It was what Lisbeth had been going for, mostly, there was one reaction she hadn’t been going for. While the others, mostly ignored what Lisbeth was wearing Shelby went to a certain amount of effort to actively do so.  After looking at Lisbeth’s breasts, of course.

Something was up there, but Lisbeth figured she could deal with it later, besides distracting Nerissa took precedence. Or not, as Nerissa took notice of Shelby, and the focus in the room slowly shifted onto her. Shelby noticed it as well and seemed rather supremely embarrassed about the situation. She packed her stuff up and left rather hurriedly mumbling something about going to the furnace. By the time Shelby made it out the door, she was blushing rather profusely. Lisbeth watched her go with something of a bemused expression, once Shelby was gone focus in the room shifted to her.

“Ok, I’m assuming that I am somehow responsible for that. Could someone fill me in on the specifics?”

The three that Lisbeth didn’t know spoke first.

“She’s attracted to you, but feels conflicted about that. Also a certain amount of guilt, but not much.”

“She was picturing you naked in the shower.”

“It’s been getting worse all week, did you really invite her to have a threesome?”

“Gods damn it. Ok, I can fix this.”

Nerissa decided it was time for her input. “It worries me that you think you can fix someone being attracted to you.”

“Well, I can, but that would be illegal. I was referring to the confusion and the guilt. You sure you’re against the threesome idea? It would make things easier.”

“I’m not sharing you, Lisbeth. It worries me that you seem to think sex is an easy answer.”

“It is compared to talking thing out. Also, you keep claiming that you won’t share me, but you haven’t staked much of a claim to me yet.”

“Are you saying I need to stake my claim?”

“Yes.” Oh god yes.

Nerissa seemed to decide that was enough of an invitation to take all sorts of liberties. She quickly packed up her stuff and proceeded to grab Lisbeth around the waist. From that position she hoisted Lisbeth into a fireman’s carry and walked out of the room with her. Lisbeth gave a thumbs up to the lounge as Nerissa carried her out.

Bout fucking time.

“Wow, I feel great.”

“Good for you, why are we here?”

“Seriously good, Nerissa had me screaming. Good thing for the thick walls. And I’m here because we need to talk.”

Here was a blazing inferno floating in a black void, all in all a very impressive image. At the heart of the inferno were Lisbeth and Shelby. The flames snaked around and kissed Shelby’s skin, Lisbeth however, was surrounded by an empty bubble that the flames didn’t enter. They were wearing the same outfits they had in the lounge. Probably not quite right considering the context of the conversation Lisbeth intended, but it would suffice. Lisbeth had also taken pains to be realistic, and not an idealized version of herself.

“I don’t think I want to hear about you and Nerissa’s sex life. What do we need to talk about?”

“You like me, and it’s causing you problems.”

“What?” It came out as a stammer, with a slight hesitation present because Shelby wasn’t really asking.

“Don’t get me wrong, it’s not causing me problems. Nerissa isn’t entirely happy about it, but I can handle that. We’re talking because it’s causing you problems. We need to talk about why you’re so conflicted about the whole thing.”

“Seriously, you think you’re just going to come into my head and fix things?”

“No, but I’m going to talk about them, so you can fix things.”

“You’re kind of full of yourself aren’t you?”

“Yes, now I have my theories, but why don’t you seem to think it is ok to be attracted to me?”

“Because it wouldn’t be right, beside I’m not sure I’m comfortable being attracted to you.”

“Ok, let’s start with why it wouldn’t be right. Why?”

“Because you’re with Nerissa, because the only reason we talk like this is because you think you owe me.”

“Ok, two more problems, both easily dealt with on my end. First, Nerissa doesn’t matter. Sure, it’s bad form, but as long as you don’t start hitting on me it’s not a problem. So don’t worry about it, as bad as it is for me to say, telepaths are used to seeing things that will remain private. And second”

Lisbeth leaned closer and looked into Shelby’s eyes.

“I do owe you for letting me stay. But never for a second believe that means I will ever let you take advantage of me. There are only a handful of people on the three planets that can make me do something I don’t want to. And you are not one of them.”

Lisbeth leaned back, and suddenly things seemed to lighten up a bit.

“So what else is troubling you?”

“I’m you’re R-“

“Frowned upon, but not against the rules.”

“You look so young.”

“Getting closer to your real problem, but this one is on me. Yeah, how I look is a pretty reasonable issue. I know I look young, and there is a reason for it, not something I like to talk about. I can’t really help with this one. Next issue.”

“I’ve never been attracted to a girl before.”

Shelby spoke almost in a whisper, and the mumble would have normally made it impossible for anyone to understand what she said. In a dream, however Lisbeth heard her perfectly.

“It worries me that I think this is the heart of the issue, and it’s mostly my fault. Not the, you being attracted to a girl for the first time part, but the being attracted to me part. Although I am at fault for the timing.”

“What are you talking about.”

“Ok, I’m not the best person for this, but I’m going to try anyways. I offered to have sex with you twice whilst naked, and you’re not that straight.”


“Look, I know you like guys, and have never looked at a girl that way before. But you’re a young 20 something, who saw a naked person with a body you didn’t object to, that proceeded to offer you sex. Now this is conjecture, but since you didn’t object to the idea you started thinking about it, and me naked. Since you didn’t object you kind of wanted to see why not. I’m the focus for the whole thing, with the host of issues that come with me.”


“Was anything I said wrong?”

“Not really.”

“Good, now I wish I could offer to sleep with you. But that would cause problems for me with Nerissa.”


“Because you are curious. And I am a dream walker, we’re good at experimentation. Also, I would be physically safe, unlike a random hookup.”

“Wait, you think I should have sex with a girl?”

“Well, yeah, if you hate it, then all you had was a disappointing night. And you can resolve some issues. If you like it, then your dating pool just increased.”

“Your solution for me being attracted to you, is for me to have a one night stand with a random girl?”

Shelby was raising her voice a little, and getting increasingly incredulous. Lisbeth just smiled.

“Yes, do you want me to help find someone?”

“Thats got to be the worst solution I have ever heard. Damn it… yes.”

She barely whispered that last part.

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