Kim Stanley Robinson

So Kim Stanley Robinson is something of a friend of the family. Back when we lived in the states we would go to his new years parties. So anyways, he’s a guy we have known for years. Since I’m currently back in my hometown (not for much longer, more on that later) I thought it might be fun to talk to him, and I did. We didn’t talk about much since he had to go (a side effect of showing up unannounced at someone’s house), but I’m going to go back later. The point of this is that it is really cool knowing people. 

P.S. If you don’t know who Kim Stanley Robinson, look at his Wikipedia page, then read his books. 


Also next weekend I’m flying out of the states, to Thailand. I’m going to be there for an extended time. It shouldn’t effect posting on my part, but the times chapters go up might change. Also, it might affect the posts going up next weekend, just because. 


One more thing, I haven’t asked in a while, but please throw a vote my way. It really does help, and only takes a couple seconds. 


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