Info Dump

Ok heres the deal, having an info dump in story for would be awkward. Mostly because all the characters know this stuff already. So I am going to have to do a info dump and act like it’s in a manual or something. So please vote on what you want first, or if you want me to shoehorn it into the story awkwardly instead.

Edit: OK powers has clearly won out so I’m going to start writing it now. I will do the other two at some unspecified date.



    1. I would and I might write it like that, but none of my current characters are taking any classes like that. So it still won’t quite fit into the main story.

        1. The only info dump that Atreus would give the recruits has already been very well planned. It also isn’t of the three options here, I’m working that little speech into the main story. It will show up soonish. It’s also not the kind of subject matter training day will be covering.

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