After slightly more grilling, from a multitude of different angles, Mr. Lansky and Atreus backed off. They spent an hour or so gossiping about their respective positions. Mr. Lansky apparently had far too many idiot interns running around. Mr. Lansky called everyone interns, even if they headed up their own companies as far as Lisbeth could tell. Atreus lamented that all of the angel trainees were, young, overconfident, morons, who spent far too much time thinking with their dicks than their heads.

“Aren’t the latest batch all girls?”

“Yeah, but one of them figured out this spell; they’ve been trolling the garrison for weeks with them. Some of the guys are asking for a therapist to be on staff”

Lisbeth talked about the few classes she had so far. She didn’t talk about the party with the dream walkers, not a good idea to make those connections. 

Lisbeth tried to make it back to her room. Getting somewhere in the castle wasn’t a matter of knowing how to get there, it was a matter of knowing were you want to go and walking. She only made it part way back before being intercepted. She was intercepted by two of the Eyes. Well Lisbeth called them the Eyes, not knowing their proper name, if they even had one. The Eyes looked to be about the size of children, maybe. They had hair, and it was some length, they had skin, and it had color, they had clothes of some cut. For the life of her, Lisbeth could not tell you what kind of clothes they wore, what their skin color was, or how long their hair was. Trying to figure out their genders wasn’t worth the headaches. The one thing they did have was eye color, that could be seen with perfect clarity. Lisbeth didn’t know if their eye color changed periodically or if she had never encountered the same one twice. One of the two had dark hazel eyes with golden flecks, the other a bright violet eyes with blue circles around the pupil. 

The Eyes didn’t talk, or maybe they did and you couldn’t say what they said. Either way when encountering the Eyes Lisbeth always knew their intentions. These two had come to lead her somewhere, Lisbeth suspected the final destination but like the entrance she would never be able to find it on her own. After what felt like an hour of walking, and no less than six architectural changes they came to the door. No mistake that this door was special, besides the fact that it was massive and carved with dragons; it had power. It was made of something white with silver veins, probably stone; it wasn’t worth figuring out what kind, it changed every time she saw it.

The one on the other side of the door would know she was there so Lisbeth didn’t bother knocking. The doors opened with a single touch offering almost no resistance to bar Lisbeth’s passage. The hall was massive and probably literally beyond comprehension, there were thousands of columns and arches, but they reached so high that she could see the roof, nor the walls. Directly across from the door was a short path to the stairs that lead of to the platform, probably two stories high. Curled around the platform was the body of a great dragon, the colors of it’s scales shifting with each minute movement. The dragon’s head she knew would be resting at the base of the throne that would be situated at the center of the platform.

Lisbeth walked of the stairs, not slowly but she didn’t hurry either. By the time she was half way up all of her emotions could be boiled down to apprehension. Every step seemed heavier than the last. Lisbeth knew what would be waiting on that throne, she knew who would be waiting on that throne. Part of her desired to rush to the top or the stairs and throw herself at the base of that throne, another part of her wanted to turn around and flee; forget she had ever seen this castle. She hadn’t fled yet, but she had rushed up those stairs before. 

Lisbeth reached the top of the stairs, to look upon the throne. In it sat Nerissa what, no it wasn’t Nerissa. Her ears were just a little too pointy, along with her teeth. Her fingers just slightly too long, with her fingernails coming to sharp looking points. Most of all Nerissa didn’t have quite enough hair to be naked and still cover all of her assets with it. This Nerissa sat with her feet curled up underneath her, looking perfect. She didn’t move or make a sound to acknowledge Lisbeth’s presence, but Lisbeth knew she was acknowledged.   

Determined Lisbeth walked forward and kneeled before the throne and bowed her head to her god. She stayed there for what seemed like an eternity, although it was probably only moments before her god made her thoughts known. No sound, no movements, just pure emotion flowed over and into Lisbeth. Approval. It made Lisbeth gasp as it washed over her, filled every fiber of her being. It lasted only as long as Lisbeth could bear, she wanted it to last forever but that might destroy her, not that she cared in this moment. When it ended Lisbeth was dismissed; her god wasn’t very keen on prolonged audiences. 

Lisbeth made it out the door before falling to her knees gasping for breath. She wasn’t sure how long she stayed down there. Lisbeth knew her god new, because the Eyes were watching. Eventually a man came out through the doors, the man was the dragon. Like everything that resided this deep in the castle he looked different every time she saw him. Not much, he was always an older gentleman in a suit, but the details were all off. 

“What was that?” Lisbeth demanded, or did her best too. It came out more of a choking gasp.

“What was what?”

“Why did she look like Nerissa?”

“I believe that was her showing approval of your new girlfriend”

“Why would she even care? I’m just another piece on her board”

“It’s been ten years, do you really still believe that we don’t care about you?”

“You kidnaped me and brainwashed me, all you care about is your goals.”

“You agreed to come with us, willingly.”

“I was eight years old.”

Apparently granting her this point the man who was a dragon focused on the other point. 

“We didn’t brainwash you, we gave you a better rounded education than anyone could hope to get.”

“Indoctrination is just a socially acceptable form of brainwashing.”

“What parent doesn’t try to show their child their point of view.”

“You’re not my father.”

“No, but she is your mother.”

Lisbeth didn’t respond. She pulled herself to her feet and walked away. She reached the ebony door after only turing two corners, apparently the castle felt kind.  She didn’t stop in her room and went directly into the bathroom. Not bothering to undress Lisbeth wadded into the center of the largest of the three pools. and ducked below the surface. She started to scream wordlessly, as she did so the water around her boiled. She didn’t stop when her lungs ran out of air, or even when there was no water left in the pool. 

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  1. New chapter, that answers all sorts of questions, sort of. On friday I will be starting with the two part interlude ‘Holy rage’, it will be immediately followed by the ‘Training day’ interlude. They will have some slightly unpleasant subject matter, but somehow I don’t think you dear readers will care.

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