Twenty Eight

Upon arrival back at Mind Hall Lisbeth found Nerissa in the lounge along with Shelby and Krista. Shelby was studying out of an organic chemistry book, Krista and Nerissa were playing cards. Lisbeth set next to Nerissa and leaned against her dramatically.

“I’m tired.”

Nerissa gave Lisbeth a sniff.

“Have you been drinking?”

“I was in class, I swear.”

Shelby decided to take this moment to ruin her perfect cover story.

“Bull, I’ve heard rumors about that class. As your RA I have to point out that you are underaged and drinking is bad.”

“I was off campus, you have no power there.”

“And what happens if I report that your frat buddies are giving underaged girls alcohol?”

“Absolutely nothing, you find a cop willing to nock on the door uninvited.”

Shelby didn’t accept that, but she did drop it; not much point pursuing it.

“You had better have not walked back like that.”

“Lawrence made me get a taxi.”


Conversation died off as Nerissa and Krista got back to their card game. Lisbeth actually did find herself falling asleep while leaning against Nerissa. She did manage to drift off into the blissful dark, that moment right before waking up in a dream. Until Nerissa poked her in the side.

“Wakey, wakey”

“Why, why should I move. You’re so comfortable.”

Nerissa really was too. At some point Lisbeth had slid forward and had her head resting in Nerissa’s lap.

“Because if we don’t go now the dining hall will close and we won’t get any dinner.”

“Not hungry, we had snacks in class.”

She felt the need to emphasize the word class. Lisbeth stuck her tongue out at Shelby, it felt really immature.

“You will still be hungry in the morning, and there won’t be any food on campus.”

“Early flight, I’ll just eat on arrival.”

“Were are you going?”

“To see my accountant.”

“Fine, you might have a plan. But the rest of us need to get something to eat.”

“Order takeout, don’t move.”

“We also have budgets.”

Lisbeth pulled a credit card out of her pocket, and held it aloft.

“Dinner’s on me.”

Shelby decided as the mature, and responsible, person in the room. That this was a good moment to intervene.

“Lisbeth, you’re still drunk. We can’t take advantage of you like that.”

“I’m going to fly an insane distance in the morning to see my accountant. Talk to him and a couple others for a few hours and fly back. I can afford some takeout. Take the food I offer.”

“I’m also your RA, I think this would violate some code of ethics somewhere.”

“Fine damn it.”

Lisbeth heaved herself up into a sitting position, as dramatically as possible. At the same time she slipped her card back into her pocket. She was mostly awake anyways, but Shelby was right; she was most certainly still drunk.

Lisbeth continued being dramatic as they coaxed her into the elevator. However once they left Mind Hall she toned it down considerably. As much fun as it was it probably wouldn’t be good for Shelby to be seen with a clearly drunk freshman, that was under her charge. Also while she didn’t mind acting like that in front of friends, strangers were a different story. Worst case scenario she would end up in the papers again. That was one media storm that Lisbeth didn’t feel like re-igniting.

“How are you doing that?”

“Doing what Krista?”

“If I didn’t know better I would swear you were sober right now.”

“If you spend enough time at black tie events surrounded by some of the most boring people on the planet. It becomes a survival skill.”


“Or I’m not as drunk as I appeared to be earlier.”

“I find that hard to believe.”

“It’s something in the middle.”

Shelby and Krista proceeded to give Lisbeth skeptical glances. Whatever conclusion they came to about Lisbeth’s current inebriated state, was not helped when she tripped over her own feet. Lisbeth only managed to remain upright by grabbing Nerissa’s arm, for a moment it looked like they were both going to go down. Lisbeth then proceed to continue walking arm in arm with Nerissa doing her best to pretend nothing happened. Kind of like a cat that will start washing it’s tail, when caught doing something silly.


Back at the dorm Lisbeth managed to surprise Nerissa, just slightly.

“Can we stay in my room tonight?”

“I though you hated it in there.”

“I do, sorta. But I have a bigger bed than you.”

“I thought all the dorm beds were the same.”

“They are, come by when you’re ready and I’ll show you.”

They parted ways in the hall, Nerissa to her room and Lisbeth to hers. Lisbeth went through her nightly rituals quickly; brushing teeth, quick shower. The showers still sucked badly, it was getting quite aggravating; oh well, tomorrow she could have a nice one. Once she arrived back at her room Lisbeth had a decision to make, not a big one. She had already decided to show Nerissa her pocket, even if it meant going into the details of how she acquired it. No she needed to decide what to wear, a problem she only seemed to encounter just before meeting with Nerissa. She eventually decided on a pink silk nightie; Lisbeth still wasn’t quite sure why she had it. It was like one day it just appeared in her things. But for her goals tonight it would do nicely.

Lisbeth only had a little bit longer to wait before the buzzer she had set up to go off when someone knocked on the door went off. Nerissa was waiting outside of her door in very comfy looking cotton Pajamas, with kittens on them. Lisbeth wasn’t sure if she was under or over dressed, not that she cared what Nerissa was wearing; as long as she was there. Nerissa took a step into Lisbeth’s room and looked around, worried.

“Do you actually live here.”

“Kinda, why?”

“There isn’t anything in here.”

“I store my stuff in here.”

Lisbeth dragged Nerissa to the entrance of her large pocket. She had to get out of this room, it smelled too much like bleach. Nerissa didn’t follow when she plunged through the threshold. Lisbeth turned around to see Nerissa gaping at what appeared to be a blank piece of canvass hanging on the wall. Lisbeth let her stare for a while before reaching out and grabbing Nerissa’s hand, and dragging her in. Nerissa didn’t stop staring, looking slightly slack jawed; she did wander around a bit. After doing two complete circuits of the furnished portion of the pocket, Nerissa managed a question.

“What is this?”

“A pocket, albeit a large one. You already knew about my small one.”

“But how? Something like this would cost a fortune.”

“Creative application of implied blackmail material, without the blackmail. It was really difficult to set up. I’ll tell you the whole story some time, but it’s too long for tonight.”

“What are these?”


Nerissa stuck her tongue out at Lisbeth

“What language?”

“Doesn’t have a name. They’re written in pictograms thought.”

“You can read pictograms?”

“Sure, gave me a headache at first.”

Nerissa pulled out one of the thicker brown books and flipped oddly to somewhere in then middle. Lisbeth watched Nerissa get slowly swallowed up into reading the book, or try to at least. Nerissa didn’t even seem to notice as Lisbeth slowly allowed her shields to go back up; too hard to keep certain thoughts down. It didn’t take long before Nerissa was cringing from the headache of trying to read the book. Lisbeth decided to take pity and rescue her before it become a full blown migraine. Lisbeth grabbed the book away from Nerissa.

“What was that?”

“Two dimensional representations of three dimensional concepts relating to heavy metal superconductors in high energy systems.”


“Don’t worry about it. Also you should start by trying to read this one, it has english notes, and was enchanted for comprehension. It’s the most introductory text I have.”

Lisbeth pulled out a thin red volume off of the top right of her shelf. Nerissa grabbed the thin red volume and sat down on Lisbeth’s bed literally enthralled by the book. Lisbeth sighed and logged into her beast.

Gatekeeper had entered the room

Gatekeeper> Damn it
Crimson> What’s wrong sweetie
Gatekeeper> I have a hot girl on my bed and I’m basically naked
Mangage> I fail to see how that is a problem?
Gatekeeper> All she want’s to do is read that damn book!
Crimson> Is someone a little frustrated?
Gatekeeper> only a little, I have her all night
Mangage> Nice
Gatekeeper> is Thespice around?
Mangage> haven’t seen him all week, but he has some kind of government job. So he must be busy as shit
Crimson> I know I have been busy
Gatekeeper> what are you doing here then?
Crimson> everyone needs a break some time
Gatekeeper> point, I need to work out some frustration
Gatekeeper> lets go hunting
Mangage> i’m tracking a convoy in the outer ring heading to the core
Mangage> it won’t be a soft target tho
Gatekeeper> sounds good
Gatekeeper> we’re doing an ambush, Crimson get your blockader I want a fucking massive minefield
Gatekeeper> Mangage stick to your black ops ship for now, get them in the ass once I hit them
Crimson> and you?
Gatekeeper> drone craft, I’m going to swarm these fuckers

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  1. hi,
    thanks for the new chapter

    seems as if you have an “a” instead of a “had” in (though it might just be her being tired)
    Not hungry, we a snacks in class.
    –>Not hungry, we had snacks in class.”

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