Twenty Seven


Lisbeth’s week proceeded very calmly and without much fanfare. Since she didn’t have to attend monday classes, ever as it turned out. She could just cover the material in a dream, the advantage to having dream walkers TA both those classes. Tuesday she only had a philosophy class in the afternoon. Wednesday she had morning psychology and in the afternoon she had a religion class. Thursdays and Fridays were reserved for power development classes. This included the therapy sessions for the telepaths and empaths. Mostly it was classes to teach control and creativity. Unlike mental powers that generally appeared before or during puberty, physical powers appeared after. So a college student couldn’t be expected to have perfect control, quite yet.

This again left Lisbeth without much to do. She didn’t have required therapy, her ethics and law classes were open to all students; they just didn’t sign up. Since there were no dream walkers on staff the college couldn’t really teach her anyways. She was put into a class with the description that only read ‘peer driven study’. Apparently the dream walkers in the class were supposed to get together and talk about techniques, or something. The class didn’t even have a room number associated with it. She found out why when she got an email telling her it would be held at the dream walker frat house. 

The house was full and filled with the sound of music, when Lisbeth arrived Friday afternoon. Lawrence met her at the door and quickly ushered her into the garden, and called a toast. 

“Welcome everyone to the first of this years peer driven study session.”

This got a couple scattered laughs.

“Now as you all know we have a new member joining us this year, bringing our number up to forty-nine. Everyone please meet Lisbeth, and play nice.”

As he spoke he pushed Lisbeth forward so the crowd of dream walkers could get a better look at her. 

“A few things before we get this study session started. A couple of our alumni have called and requested that we don’t hassle her about last weekend, so seriously back off. Also Missy you still owe me fifty bucks.”

“Fuck you I don’t, I won that bet. Pay up asshole.”

Missy had a serious  set of lungs on her since she was shouting from the back of the group and still managed to drown out the music. Lisbeth was also mildly curious as to what alumni had called, but figured Sinclair had arranged something.  Lawrence’s exchange with Missy was apparently a signal that the speech was over and people got back to socializing. Lawrence turned to her and talked in a much quieter voice more appropriate for a conversation.

“So the college wants us all to get together and have the older walkers teach the younger ones. We have found that to be something of a waste of time.”

“So instead, you…”

“Get together, drink beer and network.”

Thats the kind of get together this was. It wasn’t like the dwarven party at all, that had been loud and drunk. This was a quiet affair in its own way. Everyone had a drink of some kind, be it beer, wine or harder stuff. There wasn’t a beer can in sight, it was all bottles; not one of them had the word ‘light’ on their labels either.  No one had really dressed up, but no one looked shabby either. The people at this party weren’t talking about the football game, they were talking about stock options and the political impact of the angel attack. This party was the reason people didn’t trust dream walkers. Lisbeth chuckled to herself softly.

“Something funny?”

“The combined potential net worth of this room is enough to buy a small country, or influence a large one. And the college just tells us to teach each other.”

“Why did you think we donate so much to the college? To get our names on all of the buildings.”

“All of them?”

“Almost all, the administration building is still named after the founder.”

Lawrence looked almost annoyed at that, but neither of them could keep a straight face and broke out laughing. 

“So, do you have any clients yet Lisbeth?”

“My dance card is mostly full these days.”

“Good for you, have you specialized yet?”

“Priests mostly, a few others as well. Why so curious?”

“Just want to be able to introduce you to people with similar interests.”

Lawrence then tried to introduce Lisbeth to the four other dream walkers that dealt with the clergy. Tried because Lisbeth had already met three of them at dream parties. The clergy tended to be selective about the dream walkers they contracted. Due to this they tended to contract out the the same ones over and over again. If you got onto one of the approved lists for a major religion it was guaranteed steady profitable work. It also meant governments wouldn’t look too closely at said dream walkers finances. This had lead to more than one scandal were a dream walker was outed for taking drug money and mixing it in with their clergy money. 

The fourth dream walker that Lisbeth hadn’t met yet was a pleasant enough young man. The reason why he and Lisbeth hadn’t encounter him became quickly apparent. He worked primarily with the Lothrien church, they and the Arlethians had been at each others  throats for centuries. Not that Lisbeth or the young man cared as they drank wine and gossiped about the high council. Nothing that would be considered confidential of course but they did ping pong some theories about the council’s reaction to the angels. This conversation of course lead to theories about the angel itself.

 By this point enough others had joined the conversation that Lisbeth no longer needed to talk much. Lawrence noticed along with a couple of others that Lisbeth wasn’t wiling to talk about the angel’s origin, but was willing to talk about potential implication. By the end of the day Lisbeth was sure they would convince themselves that she knew something. Which she did, so it was a good assumption. When the party, because that’s what it was, started winding down Lawrence caught Lisbeth before she left.

“Did you have a good time?”

“Yes, it was very educational.”

Lawrence gave that a quick chuckle. 

“Contrary to today we don’t usually get everyone. I would recommend that you come to most of these get togethers, because as far as the college is concerned you will have. Also I’m not letting you walk home.”

“Why not?”

“Because you are tiny, recently injured, and drunk. So please be good and wait for a taxi.”

Lisbeth wanted to protest that she would be fine, but Lawrence did have a point. Besides Nerissa would worry if she walked home drunk, no matter how safe she was. 


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  1. Wow, I’m really sorry about the late chapter. The first time I decide not to stay up till midnight for the post, and I got the time wrong. So the Chapter is up only 9 hours and 34 minutes late. I can’t promise this will never happen again, but I will do my best. I’m sorry there haven’t been any Overwatch chapters recently but I’ve been rewriting the prologue of the Overwatch novella, repeatedly.

    As always I’m just going to ask for a vote, it only takes a few seconds.

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