Maddison Rose

So my good friend Maddi the author of Orbital Academy (NSFW) had brought OA to something resembling an end. She is starting her new work Twisted Cogs, no posts quite yet but the first chapter goes up on the 15th, so keep an eye on it because Maddi is a damn fine writer. Here is a little description of what TC will be about.

It is the turn of the 15th Century, and the world has entered a golden age of art, invention, and architecture. This veritable renaissance of literature and learning in Europe is suddenly thrown into overdrive when a chosen few begin displaying preternatural abilities. Torn between the age’s burgeoning love of science and the dark promises of magic, Europe has become a powder-keg of clockwork and sorcery.

Elena Lucciano doesn’t care about increasing mankind’s knowledge or exploring the mysterious workings of magic. Even though she has magic potential, as is evidenced by her spirit-companion that no one else can see, Elena doesn’t have high ambitions. All she wants is for her mother to be proud of her, for her teacher to accept her, and to become the best painter in all of Florence, content to ignore all thoughts of science and magic.

Unfortunately for Elena, the tides of invention and magic are sometimes not content to ignore those who ignore them…

TC will be more SFW than OA was but Maddi assures me that there will be plenty of smut, just clearly labeled and easily skippable if it’s not your thing.

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