I decided to make my snippet collection into more of a thing now and named the whole thing Overwatch. I also added a new one about Aquamarine going out to get a drink. If anyone has any thoughts on the matter please share them.


  1. overwatch chapters aren’t mentioned in the “Recent Posts” on the right
    since overwatch isn’t chronological maybe add a time
    maybe add to the table of content which persone we follow or who is active in that chapter (actually that would be usefull for “raising angels” as well)
    maybe a characterpage for both storys (first/last name/alias, power, major, in relationship with)

    1. Working on the recent posts thing
      You are severely overestimating the amount of planning that goes into Overwatch if you think there is a timeline. If you find inconsistencies my word of god is going to explain them as Alien mind wipe retcons.
      I put what chapters each person appears in, in the character page.
      Incidentally I now have a character page (apologies if there are any mistakes on it, I am on painkillers for my back right now. The whole day has been fuzzy.)

      I will do a character page for Raising Angels when I organize my notes so it might be a little while. But I have mostly finished introducing new characters at this point.

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