Devon opened his eyes to a dream. He didn’t know how he knew, but he knew it was a dream. He had been really hoping that Lisbeth wasn’t a dream walker and he had been wrong, but apparently he wasn’t so lucky. Not only was his new boss apparently staggeringly important to the organization, but she was a damn walker to boot. Dream walkers were the only telepaths that didn’t give a damn about what species you were. Meanwhile he wasn’t even a full member yet. Best not to think like that, dream walkers might not be able to read minds, but they could read dreams and that might just be worse.

Devon decided to get his bearings and look around in this dream. He was on a mountain top surrounded by wildflowers. Devon didn’t know much about flowers, but these seemed alien. If he tried to walked down he would be enveloped by thick white clouds, so that probably wasn’t the right way. The right way appeared to be the gazebos further up the mountain, Devon could even hear voices coming out of it. The walk up appeared to be steep and long, and the flowers didn’t look like they would provide good footing. These assessments turned out to be wrong, since reaching the gazebos only took about a minute of very easy walking.

The gazebos had been the correct destination, because inside it waited Lisbeth and three others. Devon didn’t know why Lisbeth hadn’t brought him here directly and did wonder about it a little. Apart from Lisbeth, the most noticeable occupants of the gazebos were the twins; two identical masses of muscle, built like prize fighters. They both had identical military haircuts and dark eyes. Devon suspected that they would be taller than him if they were standing. They were lounging on either side of Lisbeth, each with one arm around her. She looked so satisfied that Devon wondered for a moment if they were real or a fantasy of hers. Devon discarded that notion, it didn’t seem like the kind of thing Lisbeth would do.

Also present in the gazebos was a dwarf. The dwarf was a red-head and exceptionally well-groomed. While Devon wasn’t interested for multiple reasons, he suspected that the dwarf would be considered very attractive to someone who was. That was a theme that Devon had noticed among the members, both back home and now here. The dwarf appeared to be in the middle of some kind of funny story when Devon arrived. Or at least Devon assumed it had been funny, the dwarf was laughing so hard he appeared to be having trouble breathing, let alone talking. Upon his arrival Lisbeth, who had been giggling in apparent response to the story, seemed to get serious.

“And our last guest arrives. Welcome Devon, make yourself comfortable.”

Devon complied by sitting on the incredibly comfortable stool that had appeared beneath him.

“Right. Devon meet Hinrich, Hinrich meet Devon. Devon meet the twins, Seth and Lance.”

Hinrich was the dwarf, Seth was the twin to Lisbeth’s left and Lance the one to the right. Not that it would help much, Devon doubted he would be able to tell the twins apart unless they weren’t quite as identical in the real world.

“Now, I have some suitably scandalous dreams to get to so let’s make this quick. Myself, Seth and Lance are all full members of the organization. Seth and Lance are both guardians; their job is to primarily keep me safe, other members of the organization are secondary. Since both of you are only probationary members they won’t go out of their way for you. Now for the part you two care about, becoming full members. Neither myself nor the twins have any say in whether or not you two get in. All you need to do is get good grades and graduate without doing anything monumentally stupid in the meantime. Any questions?”

“You didn’t mention what your position in the organization was.”

“Good point Devon, no I didn’t and I won’t. Chances are even when you get in you won’t be finding out. Now lets talk about what I do have a say in. Upon your graduation I will be writing a report on both of you, what I put in that report will have an impact on the opportunities the organization offers you. So keep me happy these next four years. Now I will be assigning you tasks to complete. Most will be quick, but one of them I will give you the next four years to accomplish.”

With that a pretty girl in a cheerleading uniform appeared before Lisbeth. She looked like a fairly stereotypical cheerleader, she was pretty but nothing overall special about her.

“She is an economics major, so that means you will be crossing paths with her Devon. She is also an enchanter, going to be a damn strong one too. I want her. That means that you two have four years to recruit her. She is being offered the same package you two are, just going to be paid more and with a couple of other benefits. If you get her on board your future with us looks bright. Now I don’t want you talking organization business in the real world, the only exemption is the enchanter. However if you do talk to her about it keep her away from my dorm. I don’t want a telepath to find out accidentally.”

With no further ceremony Lisbeth dumped Devon back into his own dreams. Apart from the falling dream and one about a sunflower with a chainsaw that just got weird, they were suitably scandalous enough to make Lisbeth proud.


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