Preview of ‘The Boogyman’

So here is a very small part of an interlude I am working on, well I have only been working on it for like 45 minutes but hey a small glimpse of the past. The full thing will be posted eventually.



Day 735, Time 00:01

Sinclair opened his eyes. He was in a hospital of some kind that made sense he was dying. He tried to remember why, oh yeah he was old so very old. He felt better than he had in years, he didn’t know why, oh yeah he was dying that was probably it but he couldn’t remember how he had gotten here. This hospital seemed familiar somehow he recognized this place but why he couldn’t remember. Sinclair realized he wasn’t alone in the room, on a bed next to him was a young woman. She was still asleep but didn’t seem to be enjoying it much she kept moving and muttering to herself. Why would they put such a young woman in a room with an old man like him, wait he knew her. She was a memory from so many decades past but she hadn’t aged a day what was her name again. May it was May Singer beautiful beautiful May Singer so smart so focused so much stronger than himself.

When was the last time he had seen her? It must have been years ago they had hunted together back when he could still hunt. Who, who had the hunted? Right it was the son of a bitch Denis Rowan that fucking psychopath. They were the only ones to survive him, why why had they survived. Had they gotten him no that wasn’t right had Denis let them live for some reason? No that wasn’t right either, Sinclair couldn’t remember the hunt ever ending had it just continued until he couldn’t hunt anymore. Why was he feeling so good, so much stronger than before, so much younger. May was waking up slowly, that was good someone her age shouldn’t be having nightmares. Something caught Sinclair’s eye at the foot of his bed, a full length mirror, he saw himself, hadn’t aged a day. He was crying how many years had Denis taken this time. A man walked into the room wearing a uniform.

“Do you remember who you are?”


“Do you remember your job?”

“Find that son of a bitch Denis Rowan and kill him.”

“No you just need to find him, we can kill him. Now return to your post.”



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