Gatekeeper has entered the room

Gatekeeper> Morning all
Thespice> This isn’t morning
Thespice> There are no words to describe this godforsaken hour
Mangage> Why are you awake then?
Thespice> Jet lag I don’t even know what timezone I’m in
Gatekeeper> What do you do to travel so much Thes
Thespice> Classified
Mangage> Someday we are going to find out that you work at a gas station
Thespice> Arn’t you two moving into college today
Gatekeeper> All ready moved in
Mangage> I don’t arrive until tonight, going to move in tomorrow
Thespice>You two are growing up and entering the real world
Crimson> They’re so cute, they probably think they are adults now
Gatekeeper> Fuck you crimson
Mangage> Better run Crimson, gate is coming for you
Crimson> Think I can get her to tie me up
Gatekeeper> I will have you squealing
Thespice> Stop flirting it’s creepy
Crimson> How so?
Thespice> Gate is 18 and we don’t know how old you are
Gatekeeper> I know how old Crimson is
Mangage> Thes you are implying Crimson is more experienced than Gate
Gatekeeper> I resent the implication, I’m still a virgin
Gatekeeper> ok, legally speaking I am still virgin
Crimson> like that means anything to you
Thespice> I am forced to appreciate your use of the letter of the law
Gatekeeper> This is why we want to know what you do for a living
Thespice> Classified
Thespice> gate you should consider a law degree
Gatekeeper> undeclared all the way, besides thats whats mangage is getting
Thespice> yeah but he has some sort of a church connection, thats boring law
Mangage> I resent the implication, and take offense on behalf of my god
Crimson> you don’t care enough about your god to name him let alone take offense
Gatekeeper> her actually, and he does care
Mangage> stay out of my head gate
Gatekeeper> no, also I am coming to visit tonight we need to talk
Crimson> ooooh your in trouble mangage
Thespice> gate please respect peoples heads, mangage might be your friend but you can get in serious trouble
Mangage> fine see you tonight, want me to call the twins
Gatekeeper> that would be great
Gatekeeper> my RA just called for a meeting got to go

Gatekeeper has left the room

Crimson> wait twins??
Mangage> hahahahhah

Mangage has left the room

Thespice> so just us old people left
Thespice> seriously Crimson stop with the sex jokes around Gatekeeper
Crimson> why, she seems to enjoy it?
Thespice> i’ve known her for five years
Thespice> she has ‘seemed to enjoy it’ that entire time
Crimson> what are you saying
Thespice> i’m saying she probably had something of a fucked childhood
Thespice> research the kind of shit her kind has to go through
Thespice> they can’t defend themselves like a normal telepath
Crimson> seriously?
Thespice> Gatekeeper has millions in her account already someone has been paying her off
Crimson> how the fuck do you know that
Thespice> target just arrived i have to go

Thespice has left the room

Crimson> wait target??
Crimson> the fuck


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