“Hello Devon.”

Devon had been waiting a good 20 minutes before Lisbeth arrived. He didn’t know what she looked like, just her name. He did know that she was in Mind Hall, which meant she had to be a telepath of some kind. Devon had only met a couple of telepaths and they all seemed so frail and nervous, he hoped she wasn’t like that. Their relationship might get strained otherwise. Devon also didn’t know what room Lisbeth was in, so he had to search the entire building. Fortunately the floors alternated gender, but she still was still in literally the last room, so he had to check them all. People had started giving him odd looks and he wasn’t feeling very welcome.

It was almost a relief when the short confident blond who had arrived with two other girls walked up to him smiling.

“Hello Devon.”

She knew him of course, probably had a file on him or something. Devon really didn’t know who Lisbeth was, the man who had recruited him into the organization simply told him to report to her.  Even when Devon tried digging in the local branch no one knew who Lisbeth really was. He was mildly apprehensive when Lisbeth ushered him into her room, empty except for the standard furniture and a backpack on the bed. Then Lisbeth walked into a massive pocket.

Holy Shit

Devon followed her into the pocket, which contained a massive well furnished bedroom and computer.

Who the fuck was Lisbeth?

Lisbeth allowed him a minute to get his bearings, which he was thankful for. By the time Devon got over his initial shock of seeing the inside of the pocket Lisbeth had pulled up his file. The file contained far more than Devon had ever given the organization, in fact it looked like it contained his entire life story. It kind of bothered him that this Lisbeth knew so much more about him than he did of her, but she was clearly someone of incredible importance to the organization. The pocket demonstrated resources that he hadn’t been aware the organization even had access to. He was kind of glad in a way, being able to report to someone clearly so high on the food chain. Lisbeth started talking.

“You really didn’t need to come see me today you know.”

“I was told to report to you upon my arrival, Ma’am”

“Don’t call me that, I get enough of the “ma’am”s from the military boys. I just arrived a couple of hours ago, you could have waited a couple of days.”

“I see, what should I uh call you then?”

“Lisbeth will do just fine, don’t you dare call me by my last name. You’re older than me and it would just feel wrong.”

“Right. I was told you would have orders for me?”

“Yeah, rule number one we don’t talk about organization business. It’s for security purposes.”

“So how do we talk about it?”

“I will come get you tonight and fill you in. Now scram, I have things to do.”

Devon did his best to do just as Lisbeth said and scram, even though he wanted clarification on just what she meant by ‘come get’ him tonight. She hadn’t seemed hostile during their conversation, which was probably a good sign. She also didn’t act like telepaths were suppose to. By the time Devon arrived at his dorm it had dawned on him with a certain amount of horror just what she was and what she meant.



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